Successful launch in Pharma Market


Before asking the 5 mandatory questions, it is essential to define well beforehand, the brand’s ambition, its mission, the vision it has of its market and above all its values ​​which it wishes to share with its customers.

Pharmadvisor, defined 5 key issues for a successful brand launch in pharmacy:

What am I selling?

For starters, you need to be able to clearly explain what you’re selling to your spouse, customer, friend, and mother.

Then, set your strategy by defining your scope of action, your competitors, and your added value in this market segment.

Finally, select and validate the most effective strategic levers i.e., the most acceptable to the market and the most suitable for the brand.

To be prepare is already winning!

Who is my client?

In order to finetune your targeting and adapt the sales pitch, it is essential to clearly define who your customer is.

What is he looking for? What are his needs? How to convert them into benefits for him? How to give him an extraordinary or positive experience?

How to create a brand preference?

Nowadays, with growing competition and the ease of buying, we no longer launch a product anymore, but a couple of products + services that will make the attributes of a brand and will facilitate preference for your brand. Buyers are looking for an experience more than a product.

Define a clear Beyond The Pill Strategy, What are the services around your product? For what benefits for your customers? What alternatives are available to your customers? How to create a brand preference?

Sell a solution, don’t sell a product!

How can I support my client in the sale of my solution?

In the highly competitive French pharma market, brands are jostling for a place on the pharmacy shelf.

Therefore, it is necessary to support the leading advisory role of the pharmacists to their patient and help him to ensure the sell out by selling more

How is my corporate image?

During the buying process, is key for the buyer to trust in you, in your expertise and finally in your company.

The corporate reputation must therefore be an integral part of the pillars of a successful launch. Some examples that can be relayed by the sales forces and your social networks:

  • Communicate on the company’s R&D investments showing a strong company that reinvests to develop its market over the long term
  • Communicate on product quality by seeking testimonials from early adopters or beta testers. Ambassadors will be your best salespeople
  • Communicate on the company’s CSR policy to highlight the responsible and human role of your company.

Bringing an answer to these 5 questions as precisely as possible, will ensure you a more smoother launch.

Then You can contact Pharmadvisor to support you define the keys strategic and operational success factors or even help you find together the answers for these 5 issues!

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