Added Value Perspective

For Pharmaceutical Haute Couture Consulting
"The real trip is not to seek new landscapes, but a new look"
Marcel Proust

Your needs inspire us

Pharmadvisor helping you to better anticipate french market future where every interaction with your clients is smart

Based on our up to 20 years expertise in the French pharmaceutical market, we have launched or supported many successful brands.

Far from standardized protocols and business first, we act above all for your brands in order to develop long-lasting and profitable partnerships.

We attach great importance to developing trust and closeness with our customers, allowing us to integrate their team, their process for Haute Couture support.

Pharmadvisor | Consultant Pharmaceutique

Our Vision for your Market

Pharmadvisor works for changing its clients life. Unveiling to your customers your band’s unicity for a sustainable performance.

Our Ambition for your business growth

Save your time due to our new in-depth innovative look and optimize your competition position for a sustainable growth.

Our common Mission

K.I.S.S Keep It Simple & Stupid, simplicity first for a high quality of execution

Key driving values

We work in complete transparency because our transparency inspires your confidence.
We make an honestly consulting because it's not just the truth that can hurt you.
We work for your success, as if our life depend on it.


Alex YOBOUE - Consultant Pharmaceutique

PresidentAlex YOBOUE

20 years of expertise in transforming marketing organisations and reorganising sales forces. Deployment of CRM and sales cube, digitalisation programme of organisations.

Alex YOBOUE - Consultant Pharmaceutique

General ManagerStephen ROBERT

10 years experience in the French pharmaceutical market, marketing, sales and merchandising, KAM, Pricing and Business Development.